Kitchen Back Painted Glass

Whether you’re looking to renovate your kitchen or add a modern touch to your new home, our team of professionals is ready to assist.

Our kitchen back painted glass is a sleek and contemporary alternative to traditional backsplash materials. The reflective and smooth surface not only creates a visually striking focal point but also serves as a practical and easy-to-maintain solution for your kitchen. Choose from a wide range of colors to match your kitchen’s theme and personal style, allowing for a customized and harmonious integration into your living space.

At A & B Glass and Mirror Corp, we prioritize quality and durability. Our kitchen back painted glass is crafted using premium materials, ensuring a long-lasting and resilient surface that withstands the demands of the kitchen environment. The non-porous nature of the glass makes it resistant to stains and easy to clean, providing a hygienic and low-maintenance solution for your culinary haven.

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